Who Are We.

When life gives you lime, make margaritas!

We cherry-pick only the brightest, boldest and freshest words to deliver our conversations. Cut through the clutter. Don’t confuse, we say as it is.

Kwerkee’s tone is always brimming with curiosity and eagerness. We are here to spark conversations. Our sentences are full of vigor and motivation.

At all times, we are approachable and fun. 

Brand Story.

Design is a dish best served cool. Kwerkee presents interesting knick-knacks, hard to find design pieces and everything else ARTY FARTY. We pick out the queer, the peculiar & the bizarre for you. We’re out to become the city’s most imaginative design source.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to become the city’s MOST IMAGINATIVE DESIGN SOURCE. That’s why we have designed Kwerkee such that it frees your imagination.

Your Daily Design Source

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